She Took Her Husband Out To Celebrate His New Job. Instead, She Brought Him To TEARS With This News!

Her husband had just earned a big promotion at work, so she decided to take him out for a celebratory dinner! She got him a card and a gift to make the moment even more special. She had her camera ready because she knew that the REAL reason for the surprise would be absolutely unforgettable…

They had been trying to have a child for 5 years. They struggled with the fact that they might never have a child of their own, and eventually, found peace with the fact that they just might not ever have one. They had learned to trust in the bigger picture…until this moment.

He opened his gift, which was something he could “use for work,” but was really just a way to disguise the positive pregnancy test inside! He was absolutely stunned. He didn’t expect this news at all.

I know that through this hard time God was teaching us that our joy and fulfillment in life doesn’t come through marriage, or children, or anything else you may think you need to obtain to be happy. It’s God, first and foremost for us.” She wrote.

They were excited to welcome a son into the world, and the incredible moment went viral as thousands of couples could relate to their heartbreak and excitement.

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