She Took Her 3-Year-Old To The Store…And Walked Out With A LOT To Say To EVERYONE!

Where do you draw the line when you see other people’s children acting out in public? A 2-year-old throwing a tantrum over a toy seems understandable to most of us. It’s a healthy milestone and means that the child is learning to cope with disappointment. A 10-year-old throwing a tantrum is less so, and most people would judge the parent instead of the child if the scene goes on long enough. Does that mean you are entitled to say something? Usually, no.

But what you usually won’t be able to see is a disability, and that is where most people seem to cross the line.


I’m sorry she ate the barcode before we paid but she isn’t naughty and I’m not irresponsible.”3.1a8

This is the story of one shopping trip, on one day, for one little girl who faces mental and physical challenges every day of her life. This is the story of a mother doing her absolute best to raise her beautiful daughter. And unfortunately, this is also the story of nosy, judgmental, and inconsiderate people who don’t know where the line is. They crossed it that day in leaps and bounds, and they will never truly understand what this mother endures on a daily basis. Before you put down a parent, stop and consider that there is more going on than you can see.

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