She Took A Picture Of This Wedding Photo…But The Reflection In The Glass Is Incredible!

They call things like this “happy accidents.” You try to do something, but it is seemingly ruined…until you realize that the mistake is actually one of the best things that could have happened! Hundreds and hundreds of inventions have come about from people “failing” to do one thing and discovering something even better. Sticky notes, velcro, and even penicillin were all invented by accident. So when this young woman decided to snap a photo of a picture sitting in her boyfriend’s living room, she couldn’t have predicted what she would see afterwards! 


I was taking a photo of my boyfriend’s grandparents’ wedding photo because I thought it was awesome, and accidentally caught the reflection of his grandmother admiring it, 50 years later. I love this photo!”

Alright, so it’s not penicillin, but it’s still so incredibly sweet! There in the reflection is the young bride, only 50 years later, staring at that captured memory with love and adoration in her eyes! A moment that brought her back to a time half a century ago – when she was young and life was full of promise. She probably remembered that moment as the beginning of her beautiful life. It led to happiness, children, and eventually grandchildren. A beautiful legacy captured in one spur-of-the-moment picture!

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