She Took A Picture Of Her Laundry Room Before This INCREDIBLE Hack…The Finished Room Is STUNNING!

Like most of us, the laundry room is the last room of the house due for a makeover. Even though it’s the room that is probably seen the least by guests and visitors, it is still one of the most used rooms in the home! It needs to be functional, but often we just install a shelf and pile on tons of things that might not even be used for the laundry. That shelf ends up being where “extra” things go, or half-used soaps, or bug killer, you name it…

And she decided that she had had enough! The laundry room needed a face lift, but she didn’t want to spend a ton on renovations, either. In the end, she bought two storage cubes and got to work.4.25a13She painted the brown cubes white and mounted them onto the wall, just like cabinets. Removing the previous shelf left quite a few holes in the wall, so she finished them off and painted them to match the wall. 4.25a14Adding trim with a nail gun, she finished off the pieces to cover the mounts and give them the appearance of a cabinet. It already looks amazing!4.25a15There was space in the center for more shelving, so she got creative and made a custom area for the laundry soap and softener! She also went through her “junk” and displayed the items that she uses the most instead of letting the area once again become a “junk shelf.”
4.25a16The finished room is incredible! With this easy change, the room looks finished and functional…and not a stray item to be found! Well, for now. 4.25a17The idea to use those simple storage cubes as a shelf is so easy! And with a little planning, you could finish this project over a weekend! For a detailed tutorial, check here!

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