She Took 1 Selfie Every Day To Show The World Her Difficult Weight Loss Journey!

Justine McCabe has had one roller-coaster of a year, and she has the selfies to prove it.

Over a year ago, she had to bury her mother. It was a tragic time and dealing with the grief was incredibly hard. One a few months later, her husband committed suicide. It was too much.

She turned to food as a comfort. Convenience store snacks, pizza, doughnuts, pancakes, ice cream, chocolate, pastas with heavy cream, bread, and anything that she could get her hands on caused her weight to balloon over 300 pounds. Eventually, her family stepped in. They knew that she needed intervention, or they would soon bury her and leave her two children without a mother.She knew that it would be hard, but she agreed to accept their help. Enrolling in a gym, she began to go every day. She hired a personal coach and traded in her unhealthy foods for choices that would help her reach her goals. And she wanted accountability. She had gained 80 pounds with her first child and never lost the weight. She was done with her unhealthy lifestyle and had to move on with her life.It was hard, but every time she felt like giving up, she would scroll back through the pictures and remind herself why she was doing it all in the first place.

So many people come up with dozens of excuses as to why working out just isn’t for them. She started on an eliptical and eventually gained the help of a trainer who taught her that a good exercise routine is different for each person. She took it all to heart.She has lost nearly 200 pounds and has found meaning in her life again. Her journey is incredible, and her story is heartbreaking. But it shows that it doesn’t matter how far you fall, it matters that you get back up and keep going.

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