She Told Her Husband That He Could Decorate The Guest Bathroom As If It Was His Own…

When his wife told him that he could decorate their guest bathroom “as if it was his own,” he could barely contain his excitement. She probably thought that it wouldn’t matter that much – no one really uses that bathroom anyway – and it doesn’t need to look as organized and coordinated like the rest of the house.

We’re kind of wondering what her reaction was when she saw what he had come up with…

Apparently, she screamed.
He knew he wanted a theme that people wouldn’t expect, so he got to thinking. When he found this shower curtain, he knew it was a winner! He tried to find a bath mat that would change color from white to red after being stepped on, but it turns out that those don’t actually exist…so he made do with this scary bloody foot prints!

Even the wash cloth has a blood splatter pattern!

When he posted it online, others chimed in with more ideas to give the room some extra “spook!”

Do you have creepy old timey pictures with the eyes that follow you on the wall? Because you totally should.”

Red dye in the toilet reservoir for special occasions would also be festive.”

What would you do if you walked into a guest bathroom like THIS?!

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