He Thought This Man Was Hurt, But Then He Realized Why The Man Was Sitting On The Floor

Brent K. made waves on Facebook this week when he posted a picture of an elderly man sitting on the floor of his car. At first glance, it looked like the elderly man was having trouble, or was possibly hurt…but when Brent realized what was happening, he knew that he had to share the story! He had no idea that so many people would be touched by his story or that they would share it with everyone that they knew.

He had just taken his kids swimming and decided to treat them to some ice cream from a local drive-in restaurant when they noticed this man parked nearby. The older man turned out to be feeding his wife an ice cream treat, one spoonful at a time, with never-ending patience. He had covered her with a towel so that she wouldn’t get her clothes or skin dirty.It was nearly 100 degrees out, but it didn’t stop the man from sitting in the heat to share a nostalgic moment with the woman that he loved.

When Brent shared this story, it struck a chord with thousands of people that remember having these sweet moments with their own spouses and loved ones who suffered from Alzheimer’s, dementia, and other conditions and diseases that made even the smallest outings a big deal. In this case, going out for ice cream was no longer a simple affair, but this man wasn’t going to let the extra challenges stop them.

For one afternoon, he shared an ice cream with his wife. He didn’t know what the evening would bring, much less the next morning, but for that moment, they were together.

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