She Thought This Kid Was Just Going To IGNORE The Blind Man Crossing The Street, He Proved Her Wrong

It was a nice October afternoon in North College Hill, Ohio. Kristie Webb was on her way home and found herself stopped at a red light when she spotted a blind man standing at the corner of the crosswalk. It wasn’t an uncommon thing to see as locals are familiar with the home for visually impaired is nearby. The crosswalks in the area have audio signals for blind pedestrians to use, but for Webb, the sight always made her nervous.

…today was no different.” She commented in a Facebook post.

But before the man could begin his walk across the road, she saw a kid cross the street wearing a backpack, heading home from school.

I thought to myself ‘there was a time that a young man his age wouldn’t hesitate to help that man across the street,’ and how sad it was that our world has become so self involved that little things like that don’t even cross a teenager’s mind anymore. Then, THEN, this happened, and the sappy, soft-hearted, hormone driven mom inside of me almost cried. I actually felt my heart swell with pride for a boy I don’t even know, and I thank God that kids like him still exist.” Webb wrote.10-6a1

The boy turned out to be 12-year-old Jayden Denton, and he asked the man if he could walk across the street with him.

He could have just walked out into traffic and hit by a car so I thought I should help him across the street so that didn’t happen,” Denton said in an interview.

He didn’t know that the man, Terry Strader, worked nearby and was very familiar with the area.

You never refuse that [offer for help] because you never know when you might need it.” Strader said.

And little did they know, their moment was captured for the world to see!


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