She Thought They Had Stolen EVERYTHING From Her Car…Even The Steering Wheel! The Reality Is Even BETTER!

Have you ever been so confused that you didn’t realize you were being ridiculous until it was too late? Been there, done that. I once went to a restaurant because I had a coupon…turned out that I had gone to an entirely different restaurant. I could feel the waiter trying not to laugh at me while she explained that they do not take vouchers from other restaurants. I wanted to sink into the floor. Perhaps not as much as the woman in this story…

An old woman got into her car and immediately called the police. Someone had broken into her car and stolen everything!

In hysterics, she frantically explains to the dispatcher that “the thieves have stolen the stereo, the steering wheel, the brake pedal, the accelerator, the center console, and even the air conditioning!”

“Ma’am,” the dispatcher says, “stay calm. An officer is on his way.”

A few minutes in, the dispatcher receives an update to the case.

“Disregard.” He said between chuckles. “She had gotten into the back-seat by mistake.”

I hope she was okay! I’ve done some ridiculous things in my day, but this is a little more intense. Getting into the backseat and not realizing it?! Hmmm…poor grandma! It’s time for an intervention.

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