She Thought She Would Have To Drop Out Of These Classes…But A Stranger’s Note Had THIS Inside, And Gave Her The Means To Keep Trying!

Charlotte Rose Ford, a student at the University of Manchester in England, was sitting in a cafe when she found herself making a few very tough phone calls. Due to a few setbacks, she needed the counselors to work with her to keep her grades up and make up a few deadlines that she had missed in some of her classes. Universities are notorious for having strict rules in place that may not be very realistic, and Charlotte’s was no different.

In order to fix her academic issues, she would need a signed note from her doctor to move forward. She tried to explain that while she was happy to see a doctor and remain healthy, the school wouldn’t accept proof that she had been to the office – like the receipt from the visit – and that they needed a very specific form from the doctor and would cost £20, and that was money that Charlotte just couldn’t spare. She just needed help until she could get it all together.

The University did not care.

Charlotte hung up the phone and contemplated skipping her next lecture. How could she concentrate if this huge issue was hanging over her head?

…when someone came up to me, put a cup of coffee in front of me and said “This is for you, someone sent it over.” And I found this note tucked inside the cup sleeve!”


I hope you don’t mind that I overheard. Just wanted to say don’t worry! I’ve been there, I thought I wouldn’t get through my undergrad & now I’m doing a PhD! This is for the doctor’s note. You’ll get through it!”

With the extra cash, she was able to get the paperwork that she needed and continue on with her studies! Charlotte says that the entire experience taught her two things:

1) You’re really not on your own no matter how much you might think so, because there’s always someone who’s been there
2) The world actually is such a lovely place sometimes and that there are people full of kindness!”

I’d say that it has taught us all a lesson 🙂

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