She Thought She Had A LONG Morning Of Shoveling Snow Ahead Of Her…Then She Came Outside To THIS!

Shoveling snow has got to be the worst part about the cold winter months! Sure, it looks beautiful on a greeting card, and before anyone steps or drives through it, it can look like a really magical place to be. But once it starts freezing over, getting muddy, and packing together, it can quickly become one of the most ugly things around. Who wants to stand outside in the freezing cold to shovel the snow off of their car parking in the driveway? Nobody! That’s why when Shirley realized that her car was buried under mounds of hardened snow, she posted a picture on Facebook complaining about the long morning ahead of her…


They only accepted a thank you and a hand shake each.”


It’s the little things like this that get us through our days! While you don’t necessarily need to dig someone’s car out of their driveway, small gestures like holding open a door, picking up a stranger’s tab at lunch, or even just a friendly smile at a frazzled cashier can make someone’s day infinitely more endurable! See what you can do to brighten up the world around you – you’ll be surprised at just how little effort it takes to make someone happy!

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