She Thought He Would Be REPULSED By Her Surgery…The Truth Is Too Much!

Any major surgery is enough to give anyone second thoughts about their body image. When you look in the mirror, you only see your flaws. They stare back at you, unaltered and unfiltered, showing you each and every inch in unforgiving detail. When some part of your body isn’t how you want it to be, this uncomfortable feeling can grow and grow, causing unhealthy emotions to sprout and grow, making the problem even worse. 

This wife was facing the worst she had ever had to overcome, and she was terrified of what her husband might think…


He didn’t even have to say a word to let her know that he loved her just the way she was! Breast cancer is hard enough to fight off, and living with the aftermath can be just as devastating as the cancer itself. She didn’t know how he would react. She wasn’t sure how he would feel once he finally saw her after the surgery. 

She should have had so much more faith in him and their relationship! He sounds like a wonderful husband and an outstanding person. This story made me smile, and I can only hope that if I someday find myself in the same position, I will have someone as understanding and loving as this woman’s incredible husband!

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