She Thinks That She Won’t Have To Pay For These Items…She Tries To Use Her RELIGION As An Excuse!

Religion is a large part of many people’s lives. From what they wear to what they eat, and even how they spend their free time can be influenced by their spiritual beliefs. Most of the time, a person’s religion doesn’t interfere with their daily activities and they are able to go out and take care of their business…but this woman decided to use her religion for slightly more devious purposes! This is terrible!

Me: “That will be 17.50, please.”

Customer: “Are you a Christian, dear?”

Me: “Why do you ask?”

Customer: “Are you?”

Me: “Well, no. Why do you want to know?”

Customer: “Oh. I would like to be helped by someone else, please.”

Manager: “Good morning ma’am, I hear you’ve been having a problem with the clerk?”

Customer: “Oh, she didn’t make any trouble, it’s just that I don’t want my money to be handled by someone not of the faith. You should be careful, she’ll probably nick from the till when you’re not looking.”

Manager: “You’re right, ma’am, I shall definitely have to reprimand her.”

Me: *surprised* “What for?”

Manager: “For failing to notice that the lady was not planning on paying for the three Mars bars and the map of Europe she must have put in her bag while you were fetching me.”

(The customer freezes for a second, then looks at her bag.)

Customer: “Good heavens! I must’ve been so distracted I didn’t even notice the devil putting them there!”

What would you have done if you witnessed this woman doing something so awful? She was obviously not the religious woman that she claimed to be – but she was using her religion in the hopes that no one would question her sketchy behavior! It’s a good thing that this manager was so experienced and noticed the theft before the woman was able to get away with it. She had some nerve!

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