She Texts Her Mom Using ONLY Screen Shots From The Movie Frozen. How Would You Respond?!

Kids come up with the craziest things sometimes! For this mom, she started to get the strangest texts from her daughter…and instead of fighting the crazy nonsense, she just decided to roll with it…and it led to some of the funniest text conversations that I’ve ever seen! Can you imagine some of these?


Alright, so maybe mom walked into that one…but in her defense, it was snowing outside, and she wanted to know if her daughter wanted to build a snowman! Well, it was the perfect introduction to this hilarious conversation!


Mom seemed a little confused for a second, but kept up with the conversation with relative ease.


Oops! It looks like she made mom just a teensy bit mad! Mom just wanted to talk about the shirts in the laundry hamper, but her silly daughter just kept sending these hilarious pictures!


Alright, I’m with her daughter on this one! I didn’t know that you could bake bread in your rice cooker…wouldn’t the bread get soggy?! It seems like this mom bakes a lot of homemade bread. I’m suddenly very jealous. Banana bread sounds delicious! …Only, maybe not baked in a soggy rice cooker…


Mom started to learn! She must have saved a few of her daughter’s texts to use right back at her! I like this one because mom initiated the conversation. She’s trying her best to keep up!


Hey, at least her daughter isn’t obsessed with something dangerous like drugs or alcohol! If the worst thing my kid does is get addicted to a Disney movie in his whole entire life, I’ll count that as a win!


Look at her, trying to get out of a favor to mom! Well, mom bribed her daughter with her favorite thing ever…building snowmen! (Psst, mom, you forgot the screen shot!)


Funny! I wonder if they were arguing just before this text was sent. In rare form, you can see the edge of a normal text bubble from her daughter! Still, this is getting pretty silly!


Ah, the age old fight of “bring a sweater, it will probably get cold by the time we’re running our errands, you never know!” and “mom, I’m not cold, I don’t want to bring a sweater!” Ahem, children of the world, it won’t kill you to toss a sweater into the car before we leave the house! You can always take your sweater off, but you can’t put it on if you don’t have it! “I’m cold” is my least favorite complaint to hear when it could have easily been prevented…with a jacket!


Whoa, there, mom! I bet she is shopping at the store and didn’t feel like working out the math. I recently found out that there is an app for that! It’s called a calculator. It’s great.


Planning parties has never been so difficult! I’ll bet she was about to answer her mom with that “sandwiches” image, but decided that she didn’t actually want sandwiches at her birthday dinner! Yikes!


This one is too cute! I’ll bet that mom got a kick out of these hilarious little texts! It will probably be a story that they will share for many years to come! I have no idea how old her daughter is, but I hope she saves these to show to her grandchildren one day! This would be a great story to share around the chilly holidays, too! Hey, why doesn’t everyone gather around and watch Frozen together? It is her daughter’s “true love” after all!

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