She Tells Him To Write A Letter Apologizing For His Terrible Behavior…His Solution Is WORSE Than His Apology!

The “right way” to discipline a child has been debated since the beginning of time. Kids need to learn that their actions have consequences and that certain behavior is not accepted in society, but teaching them these lessons is easier to say than to do. Most children just want to have fun and don’t care if smearing an entire jar of peanut butter into the carpet is a “bad” thing, or that pushing another child off of the swing is wrong because they just wanted to swing¬†now¬†instead of waiting their turn. This mom came up with a clever way to try and discipline her naughty child…but it didn’t quite go as planned…

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In this kid’s defense, he did try to admit that his behavior wasn’t very good after a while…but he just didn’t understand the point that mom was trying to make! He took things into his own hands, and the results are a little bit hilarious. Where did he learn to kidnap and ransom people for profit?! I think dad might have some explaining to do…Yikes! It’s funny. It’s sad, but it’s funny.

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