She Taught A Few Of Her Students To Knit…They Came Together With A Single Goal!

After the holidays, 6th grade teacher, Emily B., taught a few of her students how to crochet. It wasn’t the way she thought she might impact their lives, but she quickly realized that they took her lessons to heart. She wasn’t sure that the students would do very much with their newfound skill, but once again, they surprised her.

They came together and told her about a plan they had concocted: they were going to make a large blanket and raffle it off. They wanted to raise money for diabetes.They had a classmate who lived with diabetes and they wanted to show support and help further a cause that was impacting the life of someone that they knew.

They created a full blanket with large crocheted squares and gave them all to their teacher. Emily stitched the squares together and created an edging, finally displaying the piece for her friends.

But the actions of the kids went viral and people around the country were touched by their generosity!

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