She SWEARS By This Method To Make Her Pumpkins Last ALL Season Long!

Many people purchase small pumpkins to decorate their homes and offices with when the weather turns colder, but oftentimes see those cute little centerpieces begin to mold and spoil quickly, sometimes within a week. One clever woman has perfected the art of preserving our favorite decorations with a simple, affordable method!

First, gather your pumpkins and gourds when you first purchase them to preserve them for a much longer time. You’ll need a tub large enough to soak the gourds and pumpkins, bleach, and vaseline for this process.

Give your pumpkins and gourds a bath! In a mixture of 10 parts water and 1 part bleach, soak them all for ten minutes. She suggests placing them stem-side down to keep them from bobbing up and out of the water.10-3a12

When they have finished soaking, dry them off with an old cloth (you don’t want to ruin a nice one with the bleach!) and pay special attention to the stems.10-3a13

Apply vaseline to the entire surface, buffing them with a soft cloth so as not to damage their skins. The coating helps to preserve the pumpkins and gourds for a much longer time period. Depending on the climate you live in, the temperature and humidity of your storage area, and your elevation, your decorative pieces may last a lot longer than you could have imagined! (It also gives them a beautiful shine!)

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