She Swears By This Method Of Removing Yellow Stains From Her Kid’s Clothing!

When the kids are running about in the sun all day, sweating and getting dirty, those stains can sometimes be impossible to get out! Even after washing and bleaching, some of those stains are just way too stubborn. Collars get dingy and armpits are a lost cause!

But one mom decided to find a solution once and for all to finally combat those stubborn sweat stains!

She tried dozens of things…and finally stumbled across the perfect solution! She mixed one part Dawn dishwashing liquid with two parts hydrogen peroxide…and added some baking soda to be able to really scrub away at the stains. She scrubbed at the stains with a laundry brush for just a few minutes…She let the shirt lay out for about an hour because tossing them into the laundry for a regular washing cycle…and when they came out?They were perfectly white and stain free! After a while, she started to trust the mixture to dark clothing as well. Because there isn’t any bleach in the mixture, it hasn’t messed up any of her dark clothing and is really great at getting out those caked-in sweat marks.

Will you be trying out this crazy method for stain remover? You can find more details here!

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