She Suspects Her Husband Of Cheating, So She Lays THIS Trap! His Response Is Perfect.

Trust is the #1 most important part of any relationship. If you have committed to another person, you need to know that they have also committed to you. When they are out later than usual one night, thinking between “they must have run into traffic,” and “they must be sneaking around!” is a very huge difference. For this woman, she had her suspicions. It might have been the way he acted once he got home, or maybe he had taken a few suspicious phone calls after dinner. Whatever it was, she wanted to know how he would act if she gave him an “out.” Needless to say, it didn’t go quite as planned…


I bet she felt ridiculous after reading his note! Here he was, playing along with her silly game all the while he had been planning to go do the grocery shopping after work for her! In one brief note, he not only let his wife know that he did care about her and that he was still loyal. I’m not too sure how she expected that scenario to play out, but he was probably used to his wife’s antics by now. Next time, just sit him down and have a conversation!

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