She Stopped On The Road For This Kitten, Even When It Meant She Would Get A Ticket!

Christina Hamlett spotted a small animal on the side of the highway and couldn’t believe what she’d just seen. It didn’t appear to be alive, but she knew that she couldn’t just drive passed the kitten without checking. She made a quick decision that would end up costing her for the amount of a traffic ticket: she turned onto the “Authorized Vehicle Only” section of the road in order to save the animal. She thought that saving the kitten counted as an emergency, but she was issued a ticket anyway.

The kitten was in rough shape. His head seemed to be injured and he couldn’t focus on much. She wrapped him in a spare towel and put him on her lap, hoping that he would be comforted by her presence.

He snuggled into her lap and took a deep breath as if he knew that he was finally safe. She guessed that the kitten had been thrown out of a moving vehicle and was lucky to have survived the fall. She brought him to her local humane society to be cared for since he was still very young. She visited him a few weeks later and was happy to see that he was healthy and curious, not seeming to be affected by the injury he had sustained when he was tossed from a car.She doesn’t like to think about what may have happened if she hadn’t stopped that day, and hopes that whoever was responsible never does something so terrible again.

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