She Steps Out On The Floor And I Can’t Help But Get Out Of Me Seat Too

Crank up the music and show off your sick moves! Watch Matt Steffanina and 11-year old Taylor Halata hit the floor to the remix of Taylor Swift’s Shake It Off. After watching the dynamic duo, you will surely get your butt off that chair and dance like nobody’s watching.

These two dance really good together with a showcase of complementary and synchronized movements. They’ve rehearsed this particular song to perfection, and it’s evident in the impressive results. To dance like this is one way for Taylor to express herself, and kids like her can also do the same.

If your passion is also dancing just like Matt and Taylor, it doesn’t matter if you’re moves are different from them. Feel free to put your own rendition and create your own choreography. In the end, what matters is that you’ve expressed your ideas through the movements and enjoyed grooving to your favorite beat.

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