She Starts Painting The Tops Of These Glass Jars, People Were Skeptical…And Then They Saw The RESULTS!

A matching set of pottery is something that you might receive as a wedding gift. An entire set of glassware is an investment. Buying a new set can be very expensive, but people are rarely inspired to go out and just buy a new one without a good reason. This crafty lady decided to make a new set of storage jars…and she used old glassware!

After using all of the salsa, or pouring the cheese, most of us would toss out the jars for recyling and think nothing of it, but one woman prefers to wash them out and save them for a rainy day. Well, today was that rainy day!

First, she painted the tops black with a simple matte acrylic paint. Once the top was completely covered, she sealed it over with mod podge, but you might use any sort of sealant that you have lying around. While everything was drying, she washed the jars in warm water to remove any glue that was left behind by the labels.9-27a11

Once the top was dried and the labels removed, she used hot glue to stick the knob from a drawer on the top. What’s left? These gorgeous, functional jars to display anything and everything on your kitchen counter! 9-27a12Use them for coffee beans, sugar, salt, flour, seasonings, or fill them with decorative items to change out when the seasons change! What do you think of this clever idea? See more details here!


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