She Started With A Blank, Grey Wall. Then She Adds LACE! The Difference Is Incredible!

This particular project was created for a little girl’s bedroom design, but we think that there are many different uses for an idea like this! If you aren’t a fan of wallpaper or don’t want to bother with stencils, a long stretch of lace might be just the thing that you are looking for! It would be quick, easy, and beautiful without breaking the budget.

Since the lace that she bought was only 70” high, she painted two colors onto the wall and purchased moulding to outline the fabric. This could be done a number of ways, depending what is available in your area.

She started by pinning the lace down with thumb tacks. Spaced evenly, the tacks will keep the lace from wrinkling or folding and destroying the design.
9-8a4She noted that the tacks were readjusted frequently to make sure that the lace was stretched perfectly, but the end result makes theses extra steps worth it.

She also decided to paint the trimmings pink. This step needs to be done before attaching the trim to the wall, else you may end up getting paint onto the lace which is nearly impossible to get off. 9-8a5The finished project looks to be straight out of a fairy tale! The trim is painted with the same color as the bed, and the decorations match the theme perfectly. 9-8a6Creating a magical space for a child doesn’t have to be complicated or pricey. With a little creativity and a weekend devoted to the change, this little girl now has a bedroom fit for a princess! For more details, see here.


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