She Started A Fashion And Fitness Magazine For Plus-Sized Women And The Results Are Stunning!

Whether you are a size 2 or a size 22, one thing we can all agree on is that fashion magazines catered to women are misleading. They use size 00 models and then photoshop their figures to be even smaller and more unattainable for the average woman to the point that even the models themselves are a bit disturbed at how much their bodies have been altered. And the fashion? There is no way that the average woman will go out and purchase a $300 blouse with matching $1,200 handbag (and don’t forget the fabulous heels for the low, low price of $290!) because it’s unreasonable. That much money would cover rent for a month for most of us.

So, Shannon Svingen-Jones decided that enough was enough. She was the “average” woman getting left out of these magazines. She enjoys running around 12 miles every week. She loves running races and has even completed a few triathalons. She isn’t a stranger to the gym or a healthy meal…but according to those magazines, she isn’t “ideal” at 245 pounds, even though her doctors know that she is perfectly healthy for her body type.

And that is why she started FabUPlus, the magazine catered to encouraging women to be happy, healthy, and try new things without feeling shamed because of their size. She feels that women shouldn’t stop living their lives because others think they aren’t good enough, healthy enough, fit enough, etc. 7.13a9

The very first magazine encourages women to pick up pole dancing for exercise, try a healthy new meal, read what a fitness specialist has to say about where larger women should start on their fitness journey, and a quick how-to when shopping for clothing to fit their style. Her main goal? To let the world know that all women aren’t built alike…and that it is perfectly fine.

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