She Spotted This Impossible Riddle On The Sidewalk. Can YOU Solve It?

While out running errands, Lacey F. saw a handwritten sign on the sidewalk that made her do a double-take. She went back and took this picture and shared it with her friends. What she couldn’t have predicted that overnight, thousands of people had shared it within a day. Hundreds of thousands. The riddle is an old one, but more and more people were admitting that they had never heard of it before!

Take a crack at it and see if you can solve it!Person after person begged for the answer. What could it be?! For one thing, it sounds absolutely impossible. How can something have a different amount of letters and still exist? Where we talking about the same thing in different languages?! This is crazy.

And then, someone pointed out the trick to solving it:

It isn’t a question.” The angel-in-disguise wrote.

Instantly, people breathed a sigh of relief!

The word ‘what’ contains four letters. The word ‘sometimes’ contains nine letters. The word ‘never’ contains five letters.

And suddenly, the world seemed just a little bit brighter!

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