She Spilled COFFEE On Her White Rug! Here’s How She Completely COVERED The Stain!

The idea of a crisp, immaculate white rug is wonderful; the reality is not. Unless it’s for a show home, keeping a white fabric of any kind spotless is impossible (especially if you’ve got kids!) and as one woman quickly discovered, there were some stains that just wouldn’t lift.

Her kids had spilled and smeared countless substances onto the rug, but she had always been successful at lifting the stains with carpet cleaner and elbow grease. Until one fateful day, a cup of coffee spilled and landed directly onto the plush, pristine carpet. It wouldn’t come out, no matter what she tried. Eventually, she decided to give up and cover everything completely. She discovered a spray paint made specifically for fabrics and got to work!10-24a3She marked off the spaces she didn’t want to paint and covered them with thick paper to keep them dry and paint-free. (Some paint still seeped through, so she scrubbed it out before it dried in those areas.)

Then, she coated the carpet with two cans of Simply Spray Fabric Paint for Upholstery. 10-24a4While the paint didn’t completely saturate the designs, another can of paint would have done the job…but she liked the slightly worn, rustic look that the faded areas brought to her living room!

Since the paint is non-toxic and non-flammable, she was able to complete this project INSIDE! 10-24a5What do you think of this new rug-painting trend? People are painting tile, chairs, and rugs, and the trend is really catching on! To see more details on this project, click here.


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