She Spent $1.00 And Created This EASY Porch Decoration For Halloween!

You don’t have to purchase all of your holiday decorations from a story (that might run you a TON of money!), and as one crafty woman discovered, it only cost her a buck to “get in the spirit!” She knew that she wanted to create something creepy and pretty for her front door but hadn’t nailed down the final idea.

To start, she purchased two plastic trick-or-treat containers from her local store. At $0.50 cents a piece, we think she’s off to a great start! Next, she painted them white with a spare spray paint that she had in the garage…but they weren’t exactly what she was going for. They didn’t look bad, but they were too great, either. She stepped back and took another look at her porch before decided to try a bronze colored spray instead.9-19a8Perfection! She drilled a few holes in the bottoms so that the plants she decided to use would be able to drain once they had been watered, and they matched her current decor in that clever, spooky way that she was looking for. It doesn’t “jump” out at first, but once you realize that they planters are carved pumpkins, you can’t unsee it!9-19a9This method will also work if you have old or broken decorations lying around your house. Spray paint them all to be the same color, add some fake spider webs, and you’ve got yourself a spooky front door that will leave neighbors screaming in terror! See more details on this project here!


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