She Sold Her Late Husband’s Belongings. A Few Days Later, She Receives This Letter!

Eva once shared her home with her husband and their two young sons. They shared memories, milestones, and heartbreak in that home. They had built a life together and had vowed to raise a family together. But a year ago, her husband passed, leaving her to pick up the pieces and organize everything.

It was hard, and most people don’t realize just how difficult it is until they are forced to do it themselves. Going through her husband’s belongings was tough, but she needed to clean out the house so that she could sell it and try to pick up the pieces and move forward.

She decided to sell items on a “yard sale” page on Facebook, and she listed her husband’s bike for sale at $20. She received a message from a man who told her he would give her $50 – she had priced it too low, he said.

He picked up the bike and went on his way…but several days later, she found this letter on her front door step.

8.26a12You sold me your husbands bike. It isn’t my size. I told you I would honor your husband with his bike. I sold it for $120. Please take the $70 profit and do something nice for the kids.”

She had told him briefly about her situation, and when he sold the bike, he just didn’t feel right about keeping all of the money when the widow was still trying to raise two children alone.

Eva’s friend posted the story online, and it has inspired and touched many people in the few days that it has been told.


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