She SMASHED Her Wedding Cake In This Powerful DIVORCE Photo Shoot. She Loves It!

Breakups are always difficult, but divorce is so much more…well, more. Two people who have been living their lives together are suddenly ripping away from each other, and when one of them has been unfaithful? It’s even worse. Trying to get over a tough divorce takes its toll, and while some people may turn to food, counseling, or religion, one woman is shocking the world with a bold and unique idea. She booked a photo shoot!

While she couldn’t smash her actual wedding cake, she could smash a symbolic representation of it. Not with her hands, of course, but with a baseball bat! Fierce.
While the couple has three kids together, she wanted to find a way to get back at him that wouldn’t get her into any trouble. She decided to “shed” the symbols of her marriage and destroy old pictures of the couple when they had first met. She took off her wedding dress to reveal the bold and ferocious woman underneath.Her marriage came to a vicious halt when he lied, cheated, and refused to get a job in order to help raise their children. She decided that she was better than that, and wanted to make a statement. She escaped her toxic marriage and held this photo session to end this chapter of her life and allow her to start fresh as a new, more confident woman.
These “last goodbyes” were hard, but in the end, they were worth it. The couple had been together since they were 14, and ten years later, their lives had drifted apart. She said goodbye and good riddance, and the internet thinks she is amazing.

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