She Slices Ice Cream Into 6 Portions…And Adds JELL-O?! This Is Too Fun!

Vanilla ice cream is delicious, but something about it just begs to be topped with anything and everything. It’s the base for a sundae, the topper to root beer, and the go-to flavor for a lot of us…but have you ever tried adding Jell-O to your vanilla ice cream? We’re betting that the thought never even crossed your mind! It’s such an obscure idea, but the results look absolutely mouth-watering!

yoyomax12, a pastry genius, teaches you the easiest way to make a delicious (and beautiful) scoop of rainbow ice cream! First, separate your ice cream into 6 sections. She uses ice cream that comes packaged in a box, but you might have to make some modifications to get the same result if you’re using a tub or cylinder.
8.12a18She pours 3 tablespoons of “grape” Jell-O into the bottom of the carton and covers it with one of the sections of ice cream and spreads it out to lay smoothly on the bottom.8.12a19Next, she pours another color (the next color of the rainbow, or any color you want!) and repeats the process six times.8.12a20Layering the ice cream might get tricky as it melts, but the end result is worth it! She found that “slicing” the ice cream with a warm knife helped the process move along faster.8.12a21She closed the box and re-froze the ice cream overnight, but a few hours should be more than enough! The trick to displaying the rainbow is scooping the ice cream out along all of the layers. She opened up the carton and transferred the ice cream block to a separate bowl.8.12a22Look at this delicous masterpiece! I can’t wait to try this at home!

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