She Sleeps Peacefully On Her Father’s Gloves. His Tragic Story Is Heartbreaking!

Hector was only 25 years old, but big things were happening in his life. He loved his bike, he loved riding, he loved his fiancee, and he loved his unborn daughter with all of his heart. He and his fiancee, Kathryn, had planned to get married just a week before baby Aubrey would be born, but life had other plans in store. One month before Aubrey was due, Hector was killed by someone he thought was a friend.

Kathryn had Aubrey alone, and missed her fiance terribly. She had newborn pictures taken, and with one quick snapshot, captured the love of Hector in a photo that has gone viral. His gloves cradle the tiny baby, and the photographer claims that little Aubrey is smiling because an angel must be talking to her…that angel, Kathryn believes, is Hector.

The couple was excited to bring a new life into the world and had so many plans that are now impossible. Financial struggles and harsh Florida laws prevent Kathryn from getting the help that she needs – all because her fiance was murdered before he could prove that they were having a child.But little Aubrey will grow up knowing that she was loved, and that her father wanted the best for her, no matter what.

Kathryn is now a single mother, and although she has the help of her own mother, she has a difficult journey ahead. She plans to love Aubrey enough for the both of them, and will cherish this sweet picture forever.

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