She SLAPPED Him When He Told Her To Try A Larger Size! I’d Say She Deserved What Came Next!

It isn’t very often, but sometimes we witness things that end up changing our lives forever. Witnessing someone acting like a spoiled brat in public, being rude to their significant other, or just being a rotten person in general can have a huge impact on anyone’s day. It leaves a bad taste in your mouth, and whether or not you call them out on their terrible behavior, the feeling can follow you for the rest of the day – and if it happens to end like this next story, that might not be such a bad thing…

One woman found herself in a very awkward position when  a customer decided to throw a tantrum in her store. The end result? Beautiful.

It’s the end of the day, and I’m nearing the end of my shift at a clothing store. A customer comes in and is trailed by her very tired looking boyfriend. She is hurrying around the store and he is trying to keep up with her. She grabs a pair of pants and starts shuffling through the stacks that I had just finished folding. I hurry to her side before she can destroy the entire display.

“Can I help you with anything today?” I ask, hoping to curb her frantic searching.

“I need these pants in size 0, pronto.” She snaps, shoving the pants into my hands.

I realize that they probably aren’t for her because she is clearly at least a size 6 and I want to help her leave since she was obviously in a hurry. “Who are you getting them for?” I asked, trying to be polite as I find the size 0 for her.

“Myself! What do you think?” She snatches the pants from my hand and rushes to the changing room.

“Hey, these are defective! Get me another pair!” She shouts from the dressing room, tossing the pants over the door.

“May I suggest a bigger size?” I said hesitantly, holding a size 4 and a size 6, ready to toss them over.

“Are you saying I look fat? That I can’t fit into these pants?! I’ll have you know, I always wear size 0… these pants must be made wrong! Now get me another pair!” She yells and comes back out of the dressing room. I look at her boyfriend for help.

“Honey,” he starts, unsure of what to do in the situation. “Those are really small pants, just try a size up.”

There is no warning when her hand flies up and she slaps him across the face. We both stare at her, stunned as her boyfriend’s cheek turns an alarming shade of red.

“Why can’t you just be on my side! That was so rude! You’re sleeping on the couch tonight!” She shrieks, throwing the “wrong” pants onto the ground.

“We don’t live together.” He says it, but he’s a bit in a daze from the slap.

“What?! I moved in last week! I put a change of clothes in one of your drawers!” She explains in a huff.

“No… we don’t live together.” He says again, more forcefully.

“Well, I mean, you’re still sleeping on the couch in your own apartment! To show remorse for disrespecting me. Or else!” She tosses her hair over her shoulder as if that was the end of the conversation.

“Or else what?” He asks, and he looks like he’s just seen her for the first time.

“Or else I’m dumping you!” She screams and stomps her foot like a child.

“… Okay.” He says, and gestures to the door of the shop, meaning for her leave.

“You just–don’t–YOU!” She started to cry but ran out of the store even faster than she had come in.

I watched the entire ordeal with a sense of awe. It was like a bad movie had just played out within 10 minutes. The now-ex-boyfriend stayed behind to apologize for her behavior. He admitted that he had never seen that side of her. He asked me when my shift was over and I admitted that the store should have closed when she stormed in – I just hadn’t had a chance to lock the doors before she did.

We got dinner after I locked up, and we are now engaged. Our love story is one to remember! And I have a crazy woman to thank for it.

While they may have had a rocky start to their relationship, it really is true what they say! Love finds you…when you least expect it! She was just annoyed that she would have to re-fold all of those jeans minutes before her shift was supposed to end. He was following his terrible girlfriend around all day and was already regretting it. This awesome outcome is something no one expected! I hope that crazy ex-girlfriend learned her lesson!

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