She Sews RICE Into A Pillow Case. You’re Going To Want A DOZEN Of These!

The most important thing when the weather cools down…is keeping WARM! Not all of us have the luxury of sitting next to a cozy fireplace when it starts to snow outside, but this project will bring that “cozy fireplace” to you! (Without the whole ‘fire’ bit, of course!) You can make a brand new pillow, or re-purpose an old one. The only requirement is that the material is 100% cotton – this includes flannel, so check your old sweaters! – as well as the thread, since other materials might catch on fire during the heating process.

The first step is to mix enough uncooked rice with several drops of essential oil in a large bowl. When the rice is lightly coated, pour it carefully into the pillow.

The next step is to sew the pillow shut (or zip it shut, if you’re using a pre-made pillow!) and get ready to be warm and cozy!11-29a2Next, pop the bag into the microwave (this is why it is important to use 100% cotton fabrics!) for 20 seconds at a time until the bag is warm enough. She warns that this step can make the bag VERY hot, so be careful! The heat will bring out the scent of the oil, and the warmth will keep for a long time.
11-29a3Some crafters have reported the use of flax seeds as an alternative for rice, and others have made “pouches” instead of pillows so that they can refill and change the scents as often as they like. You can see more details about this project here!


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