She Sent Them Her Old Wedding Dress. They Sewed It Into 17 Dresses For One Heartbreaking Reason.

Justi Bates posted a photo on Facebook one Saturday after receiving this package in the mail. She had sent her old wedding dress out to a company that specializes in re-purposing old wedding dresses for grieving families. These tiny dresses are called “angel gowns,” and they hold a special place in many hearts around the country.8.9a6The wedding dress is sent off to a team that disassembles the original wedding dress and creates as many patterns as they can from the material. They assemble, clean and press the tiny new gowns, giving each one the respect that it deserves. Made with love, the women who donate their dresses hope that the gowns will remain unused for as long as possible.

Justi donated her gowns to the NICU at a nearby hospital for little newborns who didn’t survive long enough to be brought home. Mothers who go through the pain of losing their little one are given one of these angel gowns to take photographs and use as burial clothing. In many cases, the babies that need them don’t have clothing due to the unexpectedness of their passing.

Families are grateful for the donations, and when this post went viral, many women had no idea that they could donate their old dresses to such an amazing cause. Angel dresses are a sweet way to honor the passing of a young life, and a gift to the families that use them. Instead of letting their old wedding dresses sit in the back of a closet for decades, they will be used as one last act of kindness for the littlest souls that had to say goodbye to the world much too soon.

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