She Sent Him A Picture Of Their Garage After She “Accidentally” Ran Into It…But I Don’t Blame Her One Bit!!

This poor wife was trying to keep the house in order while her husband was away on a business trip. He was going to be gone several weeks, so he left his car at home in the garage. If you have a spouse or partner that travels for work, you understand how lonely it can get after just a few days. The time alone is nice for an afternoon, but when the sun sets and the kids are put to bed, a conversation on the phone is just not the same as having them there with you while you get ready for bed. This woman thought she was going to have a boring and uneventful time at home while her husband was away on business…but after just a few days, she found herself having to write THIS email!


That is NOT what I was expecting! While I might not have destroyed our vehicles out of sheer rage, I can completely understand this wife’s fury! Here she is, keeping the house and their lives together while he is off on his trip, and she gets a phone call from theĀ otherĀ woman! What would you have done?! I might not have taken such drastic measures, but this seems fair to me.

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