She Sent A Text To The Wrong Number. He Doesn’t Care – He Shows Up With A Gift!

Calling a wrong number is nothing new. Admittedly, it happened a lot more often before everyone had caller ID, but even now, it happens. Switching a number, pressing one twice on accident, and most commonly, trying to contact a friend on a saved number after they have gotten a new one. Usually, people ignore this when it happens. “You’ve got the wrong number.” And that’s usually the end of it. But this time, it went a little differently…


Hey, free gifts for the newborn baby? Who can say no to that! The guys packed up and made the short trip to the hospital with a gift in tow! This was going to be a visit they would never forget!


The family shared their picture with the strangers, and the guys posted screen shots of the conversation that same day! It was a light-hearted gesture that quickly went viral! People can’t get enough of this story! I can’t decide what the best part is. The fact that this mother didn’t realize the wrong number and sent the picture anyway, the fact that the guys wanted to show up AND bring a gift, or the fact that they gave out the room number anyway! It made for a beautiful moment – no wonder it’s gone viral!

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