She Sent A Text To A WRONG Number, And 3 Years Later, She Marries Him HERE! This Can’t Be Real!

This story sounds like the plot of a cheesy romantic comedy…but it turns out that it is 100% TRUE!

Kasey Bergh found herself stuck in Denver due to a delayed flight. She needed to wait on one of her colleagues, but instead of getting on with her work, she suddenly found herself with several hours to spare. She pulled out her phone and grabbed a cup of coffee, scrolling through her contacts to see if there was anyone nearby that she could grab lunch with instead.


She found one and sent him a quick text asking to connect for a bit. Kasey couldn’t have known that her friend had changed his number, but the text she received back shocked her! An unknown person offered to hang out – too bad he was on his way to work! It was funny coincidence, but surprisingly, the two kept in contact, finding more and more in common with each message.

They met up after a few more conversations, and built a relationship over the next 3 years, talking and dating and growing closer. Kasey was wary of confessing her age…she was 53, and he was barely in his 20s. Henry confessed…that he truly didn’t care! He had found the love of his life thanks to a text sent to a wrong number, and he could not be more grateful. 10.9d

They were married in front of the Mississippi River’s flood wall, and have lived together happily ever after…just like a romantic comedy! Please, someone make this movie!

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