She Sees An 89-Year-Old Man Near The Road. When She Stopped To Ask Him A Question, She Never Thought He Would Say THIS!

Stop and think about the elderly people in your life. Are there any? Do they live at home or in an assisted living community? Do they have friends to talk to and visitors to entertain? The life of the elderly can easily become very lonely. In a lot of cases, they lose their independence and find that their day-to-day activities are very limited. My grandparents are lucky in that they have many children and grandchildren to keep them occupied, but some elderly are not so lucky…


She took him to the store and saved him from walking several miles in one day. He could no longer drive due to his eyesight, but being alone for so much of his days made him want to walk to one of his favorite stores just to get out of the house. She didn’t have to go too far out of her way, and she made this old man’s life much brighter…even if it was only for an afternoon. The best part? She plans to continue this tradition. Ask about your elderly neighbors and maybe even stop by to visit them every week or so. When I’m older, I know that I would appreciate the visits! I hope that someone will do this for me, too. This story is too sweet!

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