She Sees A Man In Need And Hands Him…A CAKE?! This Is Incredible!

Do you help the needy who stand on the street corners begging for change? What about the run-down souls standing at the edge of traffic with signs asking for help? I’m most familiar with the ones who hold signs asking for work or food. I don’t have much change to give out, but I usually have a bottle of water to give out instead. Do you ever give them anything, or do you drive by without reading their signs? A few of them might not be sincere, but does that mean all of them are not sincere? It’s something to think about.

This girl had SO much more than a bottle of water, and it amazed me so much! She thought of everything!


You can see the relief on his face! You can see his thankfulness. He didn’t know what he would do for food later. He didn’t know when he would get to change his clothing next. There was so much in his life that was left to the whims of the wind – but tonight he knew where his food was coming from, and he knew that he would be warm. He would have reliable shoes and comfort. While I might not be able to give out a bag like this to every person that I see, it’s a way to start giving back! This woman is amazing and more of us should try to be like her!

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