She Sees A Man Guiding THIS Old Woman Across The Snow And HAD To Take A Picture!

Proud to be Canadian? You should be! When Terri Stevens uploaded this snapshot, she had no idea that it would receive so much attention. When the weather is this icy, it can be very dangerous for anyone to walk on the slick sidewalk – much less an aging woman who might have needed help even before the snow! I have slipped on an icy sidewalk before. If you lose your balance without warning, you can become seriously bruised and sometimes even injured from the fall! Being safe in the colder months is a priority – especially for the elderly. That’s why this story is so touching!


The woman was having a hard time walking and carrying her groceries from the store, and a kind employee decided to help her to get home safely. It turns out that this is a weekly occurrence. Many people have witnessed employees from the store walking this woman to her home only a few short blocks away. She doesn’t own a car and must walk to get her items. When the employees realized what she was doing, they made sure that she never had to walk home alone again! This story just gets better and better! Too sweet!

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