She Screamed For Mom After Getting Stuck In A Dollhouse: “Don’t Take Pictures!”

If you’re having “one of those days,” just remember that you could be stuck in the door of a child’s dollhouse. So, maybe it’s not all that bad. Little Kylie was playing with her dollhouse when she suddenly found herself stuck.

She’d just been exploring when she realized that her shoulders and head were at a weird angle…she screamed for mom and sent her little sister off to get help, waiting impatiently to be rescued! 

When mom arrived and saw that there wasn’t any immediate danger (even though there was copious amounts of shrieking and gigling) she pulled out her phone to document the hilarious moment for her friends and family.

Are you actually stuck?” Mom half-laughs and half-asks.

Yes! Do not take pictures!” Kylie demands.

But these are the moments she’ll want to remember when she’s older, and mom makes sure to get a good angle. Kylie was laughing too hard to free herself, but with mom’s help, eventually got free. They all laughed and shrieked and giggled, and Kylie was completely confused as to how she even got stuck in the first place.

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