She Scattered Her Dog’s Ashes In His Favorite Park…But The Picture Reveals That He Was THERE With Her!

Ashley Lang had a dog for the same reasons that millions of people around the world did: he was her best friend. Loving and loyal, exciting and fun, Wagner the Golden Retriever was always there for her no matter what. He loved to play. He loved the cuddle. He loved to explore and he loved to spend as much time with Lang as possible.

Usually, they went to their favorite park where Wagner was free to run and jump and sniff everything within sight! But time passed, as it does for us all, and Wagner’s life was coming to an end. After 12 full, wonderful years together, it was time to say farewell. She called a few of her close friends and took Wagner’s ashes to “their spot” at his favorite park. Her friends snapped photos while she scattered his ashes, saying goodbye to her beloved friend.

It felt like Wagner had been taken from her much too soon, but when she went through the pictures her friends had taken that day…she realized that she hadn’t actually been alone!

Wagner was there with her in spirit! The ashes had scattered in the shape of her favorite dog as if he were catching a frisbee or jumping for joy! He said farewell in his own special way, and whether or not you believe in ghosts, you can at least believe in the love between a woman and her loyal dog!

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