She Says She ISN’T Lucky To Have Her Service Dog With Her All Of The Time…Wow.

If you are like most pet owners, you get a little upset when there is a sign on a business that says “no pets.” It makes sense, of course, but it’s still annoying. They are a part of your family, too. When you go into these places of business and see someone inside with a service animal, you might think that they are lucky…but Lesley Nord wants you to know that she’s not.

Other people see her with her service dog, Bella, and want to chat or pet her. People don’t realize that her dog is working.

Service dogs are just like any other pet when it comes to attention, food, grooming, and equipment, but the intense training process that they endure means that they require extra guidance. The training process can take anywhere from 18 months to 2 years, and it is extremely expensive. So expense, in fact, that most insurance companies do not cover this service.6.20a4

Bella requires extra time and patience, and going out in public takes more time due to people always wanting to talk to her about Bella. She doesn’t mind answering the questions, but balancing her time is more difficult.

The main point in all of this? She has a severe enough medical condition that causes her to require a service dog, and in her eyes, this does not make her lucky. A service dog is a tool, not a pet.

She would give up this “luck” and have Bella as a regular pet, if she had her way. To live a normal life would be lucky.

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