She Saw This Guy With REALLY Embarrassing Shoes…And Snapped A Picture To Put On Facebook!

When you go out into public, you probably don’t notice what shoes people are wearing. If someone has on a bright orange shirt, you might remember it. If someone has on khaki pants and a generic t-shirt, you probably won’t remember it. Think about the last time you ran an errand and stood in a line. What was the person in front of you wearing? You probably don’t remember because it’s not out of the ordinary – unless they happened to be wearing the aforementioned bright orange shirt, of course.

One woman found herself noticing something out of place and snapping a picture of it without the person knowing. It was just so strange! She was grocery shopping after a long day at work. She just wanted to get her items and be on her way, but something odd stopped her.


Everyone at Food Giant this morning was in tears…”


You may not pay attention to anything that people are wearing…but you definitely notice when they aren’t wearing something normal. You have to do what you have to do in order to make it in life. For this kid, he needed to work, he needed to wait for a paycheck, and he needed new shoes. Unfortunately, many of us have to make sacrifices when we live paycheck to paycheck…some people make larger sacrifices than we realize. This officer is amazing for helping out so generously!

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