She Saw The Bus Driver Abandon The Bus To Do THIS When He Noticed An Old Woman Nearly Injure Herself!

When is the last time you rode a bus? Public transportation can be annoying if you have to rely on it. In some cities, the buses run like clockwork, their schedules rarely impacted, even when the traffic gets bad. In most cities, however, the buses run on a more flexible schedule. One day you may wait 10 minutes for your bus…and other days you may end up waiting 30. On the worst days, you might miss your bus entirely because it came by the stop 5 minutes early. As a result, the drivers may end up understandably grumpy when their routes are delayed. I’ve only ever once met a cheerful bus driver – and if we’re honest, it was probably his first day on the job.

This woman witnessed an interaction between a bus driver and a passenger that she just could NOT keep to herself!


I haven’t seen someone do something so kind in as long as I can remember…”


He not only noticed that she was having an issue, he interrupted his very tight schedule to help her out. He could have just left her on the street corner to continue along on her own. How was it any of his business whether or not her shoe was tied, anyway? But he didn’t. He stopped and treated her like he would have treated his own mother. The company eventually saw this photo and gave this driver the recognition he deserved…I think they should have given him a raise!

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