She Saw Security Confiscate A “Dangerous Weapon.” The Truth Behind This Snow Globe Is Heart Breaking

Amarri Hernandez was at the airport with her boyfriend waiting in the line to go through security when they noticed something aggravating. There was a distraught man being held up by security personnel being told that he couldn’t bring his package on the plane for “safety reasons.” The man just didn’t understand why, but he complied and was asked to give up the item. He asked if he could putĀ it into the lost and found box for his family to pick up later…but what Amarri saw next broke her heart as well.

The officer told him to “put it in file 13,” while pointing to the garbage nearby. She couldn’t tell if the officer was trying to be funny, but she picked up the box and took it home.It was a personalized snow globe that read “WE LOVE YOU KATIE, NANA AND PAPA 1/25/16.” It turned out that the man was carrying the gift for his granddaughter, who had been adopted into the family by his son.

Amarri posted the story, hoping that the family would see it and claim the item. The man’s wife, Linda, reached out to Amarri and drove to her home in order to retrieve the gift! She was excited to finally give the glittery snow globe to her new granddaughter!

Many people were upset that the security officer made him toss this precious gift into the garbage, but at least it all worked out in the end!

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