She Saw Pumpkin Decorations For $79.99 And KNEW That She Could Make Them At Home…For FREE!

Months in advance, stores will start rolling out their “holiday” decorations. While the sets look nice on the display floor, taking even a few of these decorations home can quickly add up to burst through your holiday budget! A favorite decoration around the autumn season is decorative pumpkins. Real pumpkins can cost a pretty penny, and for some reason, even plastic pumpkins can cost triple the price!

One serious crafter knew that she wanted a festive display on her front porch…but she was unwilling to spend nearly $100 on plastic decorations that probably wouldn’t last more than one or two years. Instead, she did a little research and realized that she had everything needed to make these herself at HOME!

9-27a3She decided to make the pumpkins out of paper mache and paper clay! Using flour and water, she coated strips of newspaper in the mixture and placed them over shaped garbage bags filled with lightly crumpled newspaper.
9-27a4After two layers of paper mache, she added a thick layer of paper clay. Once everything had dried, she began to paint the pumpkins to seem more realistic. The pumpkins don’t have to be perfect – most natural pumpkins aren’t – and from a distance, they look incredible. 9-27a5She secured them all together with a long plastic pip that runs through the middle of each pumpkin to keep them sturdy. All that was left to do was add a few finishing touches!9-27a6Would you enjoy a project like this? See more details on this one here!


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