She Saw Him Shopping With A Baby Doll And HAD To Know The Reason. HEARTWARMING!

Keenan Watkins walked into his local Good Will with a baby doll and strapped it into the child’s seat of his cart. He had tattoos on his neck and arms, a righteous beard, and a name tag that read ‘Punisher.’

He was spotted by Sadie Collins, who just couldn’t figure it out on her own.

Everything about him screams burliness and manliness yet, here he is, at Goodwill with a baby doll strapped safely in the cart as he shops for clothing.” She wrote.

When she asked about the doll, he explained with sincerity. His daughter had named the doll Davey, but she was concerned that Davey didn’t have much clothing aside from a small diaper.
That morning, while his daughter was at school, he got into his car, strapped Davey in safely, and documented his journey. He bought two onesies for the doll and then drove to Walmart for some baby socks (and a sticker!) to keep Davey warm and cozy.

I can only imagine how well his daughter is cared for if he’s willing to care for her toys this well. I just think amazing parenting like this deserves recognition. This man sucked up all of his pride and went out of his way to clothing shop for a baby doll just to make his little girl happy and if that’s not love I don’t know what is.” Sadie wrote.

We completely agree.

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