She Saw Herself In A Picture And Knew She Had To Change. She Began SNEAKING To The Gym!

Mallory Manning had always been larger than her peers, but she never felt the need to change herself, but as the years wore on, it began to affect her happiness. To support her growing weight, at her worse, she weighed 336 pounds and was sneaking fast food and candy, totaling over 5,000 calories per day.

As she grew older, she never let her weight stop her from doing the things she loved in life. She lived how she wanted to, making friends and was even engaged to be married…but everything changed when she saw a picture of herself as a bridesmaid.

“I was the biggest one in the picture.”9-29a15She could no longer make excuses for herself. Instead of sneaking fast food, she began to sneak to the gym. She was embarrassed about how large she had become and the fact that she needed to make such drastic changes in her life made it even harder to get started. She began to watch her diet and exercise when she thought no one was looking. 9-29a16After two years, she was down to 160 pounds, and she felt great. She used diet strategies and workout routines that she discovered online and stuck to them, figuring everything out on her own. 9-29a17When the weight began to fall off, her fiance noticed. He gave her his support and her drive to succeed drove him to adopt a healthier lifestyle as well.9-29a18Getting in shape and reclaiming her life, she has so much to look forward to in the future and hopes that her story will inspire others to work towards their own goals as well.


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