She Saw A Picture Of Her Dad On The Park Trail…Then Noticed A SPOOKY Figure Behind Him!

Her dad was out with his girlfriend in the Rocky Mountains in Colorado. They took many pictures, and because of it, the spooky image of a boy seems to be “walking” towards him. At the time, she reports the her father and his girlfriend thought they were alone. They hadn’t seen anyone on the trail, and neither of them had noticed the figure walking towards them in the pictures.

Here is one of the still images:10-11a15Many people were quick to point out that it looked like a boy “sitting up” in the grass, but the different images showed that he was walking. If he were standing, it meant that the grass must have been very tall to hide over half of his body at full height.

They agreed; the boy was walking from downhill towards the couple, but since the woman was busy taking a photo, focusing on the man, she didn’t notice. Likewise, the man was busy looking at his phone and didn’t realize there was someone else nearby.

Until they went back later to see the area up close…
10-11a40…and saw that the ground was not downhill at all, and there was no way that this boy could have been walking upright in the area. They immediately realized that something was wrong.

Who was the boy? Why would a ghost be walking halfway up through the ground? Too many answered questions, not enough evidence. It’s still very spooky.


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